Updating alteriwnet cod mw2

a forum account before you can post, download files and see any advanced content or features. If you have a complaint, feedback or an issue, then send us an email: Yup guyz, its me again time to rape this fucking game.... DONT FORGET TO BLANK OUT YOUR NAME AND PLAY ON A PROXY (FOR EXAMPLE GHOST VPN) OR YOU WILL GET BUTT SEX!functions: -Aimbot Kill Sounds Spam (Always On), dont ask for support for shutting it of, or i wont ever update it again untill i feel so... DONT BEG FOR ANYTHING, thats what stopped updating me last time with the original MW2 dont make it happen again, im doing you guys a favor, not me...I'll add a link to it in the torrent description if you're too stupid to get there yourself.

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XUID's aren't ever the same, unless your primary network adapter is Hamachi/Tungle.

Some cute guy made a Video for lost People to follow =).

I tryed staring at it for 10 mins and it does not work. I tryed staring at it for 10 mins and it does not work. Did u know a moderator (some claim a bug) removed teamdeath match for a week becuz its the most played mode and no 1 else plays any other mode as much? Thats jus my answer im not extacly shure whut yer problem is.

Yeah, some people are wrongly banned, and if thats the case they can appeal their ban.

The truth is, Big name companys are trying to make PC more like the console, focusing more on $ and graphics rather than the actual gameplay & features...

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